Branded Product Ingredient Summary GCB70™ is a superior green coee bean extract, containing 70 percent chlorogenic acid for powerful, jitter-free, weight management support.* Download PDF Far More Than Caeine in that Morning Pick-me-up GCB70™ contains 70% chlorogenic acids with high 5-CQA, which supports healthy weight management, helps maintain healthy glucose levels, and helps to promote…

Relationships Around Botanicals Affect Us All

Relationships Around Botanicals Affect Us All 

In this article, we discuss how the relationships between various parties involved in the production and distribution of botanical products, such as herbal supplements and essential oils, can affect the quality and safety of these products. We emphasize the importance of transparency and communication between everyone involved, including growers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. It…

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Cepham Sense: Climate Change

Our latest video discusses how climate change is impacting the availability of bioactive substances in the environment and in the products that are derived from plants. Anand observes that the plants are reacting to the climate around them, making it difficult to predict what will happen to the availability of these substances.

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Cepham Sense: Industry Threats

In this video, Anand discusses the threats that climate change poses to the ingredients industry, and highlights the need for companies to be proactive in addressing the issue. He also notes the importance of communication within the industry to ensure stakeholders are aware of the issues.

Making a Move to Regenerative Farming

Our article on WholefoodsMagazine.com, “Making a Move to Regenerative Farming”, discusses the need for a shift towards regenerative farming practices in the food industry. It highlights the benefits of regenerative farming, including improved soil health, increased crop yields, and reduced carbon emissions, and the impact that these practices can have on the environment and human…

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Cepham Sense: Blockchain

SaaS based Traceability Management system: We are using a cutting-edge traceability system that leverages mobile/IoT, Cloud and Blockchain to provide us with end-to-end supply chain visibility. This has helped us track our product/ingredient movement across the supply chain allowing us to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies quickly.

Nutrition: The Most Pressing Supply Chain Issue

Our recent post on “Wholefoods Magazine” provides an overview of the issue of nutrition as the most pressing concern in the supply chain. It highlights the challenges faced by the food industry in ensuring that consumers have access to nutritious and sustainable food products. The article also explores the importance of improving supply chain practices…