Cepham Capabilities

With a history in medical science, Cepham develops and manufactures innovative nutraceutical ingredients and novel delivery systems for the natural health industry.

The Custom Ingredients and Delivery Systems You Need

Ingredient Research and Development

Our founders have deep roots in medical science, which carries over into our dedication to studying natural product chemistry. It is our Company’s ongoing goal to establish evidence-based nutritional ingredients.

Cepham Manufacturing Capabilities


We offer comprehensive manufacturing services from novel raw ingredient identity confirmation and unique product blending to final product testing and encapsulating or tableting. We are one of the few international raw ingredient suppliers who are able to support all manufacturing efforts with full laboratory and clinical research.

Delivery Systems

We’ve established a niche in controlled release and timed-release pellets. Our pelletizing technologies make it possible to deliver natural ingredients with optimal uptake and efficacy

Worldwide Operations

Our ingredient-growing, production, and research partners can be found all over the globe. Find out about our production facilities, crop growing and harvesting partners, and university-based research partners.