From Field to Final Batch Testing

One of the few ingredient suppliers who can
research, run clinical studies, concept, scale up,
manufacture, stock, and distribute.

A Dialogue of Innovation

Review our list of established high-efficacy
ingredients. Let us know what you need
to bring a new product concept to life.

Over 30 Years of Nutraceutical

Full natural product, clinical research and
laboratory support. Global growing, harvesting,

Your Brand’s Future Begins with Raw Ingredient Quality

Ingredient efficacy translates into consistent effects and ultimate customer loyalty. Ingredient quality is paramount to your brand’s long-term success.  You know that.

We live it.

Network and Facilities

Drawing on a background in medical science, Cepham has developed and manufactured bioactive nutraceutical ingredients for over 35 years.

  • Over 200,000 square feet of laboratory and  manufacturing floor
  • Research partnerships at five U.S. universities
  • Robust, highly-monitored partnerships with growers  and harvesters in India, Africa, South America, and  Europe
Cepham Products


Cepham manufactures high-quality herbal ingredients, phytochemicals for the dietary supplement and alternative medicine industry, and high-quality Nutraceutical Chemicals.


Cepham offers a wide range of sourcing solutions for your herbal & dairy ingredients needs. Cepham is ready to help your company fine-tune an existing product or launch a new concept from field to formulation to final shipment. What do you need to build your brand’s future?

Quality Ingredients from Our Factories to Your Formulations.

Cepham’s current ingredient offerings and research efforts target:

  • Blood glucose metabolism
  • Bone & joint health
  • Cognitive health
  • Sports nutrition
  • Weight management

Where is your brand headed? Cepham can help you get there.

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