Ingredient Research and Development

Cepham’s natural product research began with establishing scientific evidence for botanicals used in Indian Ayurvedic traditions. Research initiatives quickly grew to include natural health traditions in sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and South America. Whenever needed, we support historic herbals with our own laboratory and human clinical studies.

Perhaps you’re looking for a more efficacious and sustainable source of a well-known herbal. Maybe you want solid market share on a new and innovative nutraceutical. Cepham’s laboratory team can develop scientific support for health claims that give your brand a market edge. Providing a full complement of lab research and clinical capabilities, we maintain partnerships with five laboratories at four U.S. universities.

Medical Research Background Translates into Evidence-based Botanicals

Cepham’s founders have deep roots in medical science, which carries over into our dedication to studying natural product chemistry. It is our Company’s ongoing goal to establish evidence-based nutritional ingredients. Cepham regularly adds two new ingredients to its list each year. We are constantly conducting safety, efficacy, and bioavailability studies on new biological compounds.

In all ingredient sourcing and research, Cepham cultivates sustainable growing and fair trade practices. In the long run, this is not only the ethical choice, but also the best way to ensure an ongoing sustainable ingredient supply. We strive to oversee every link in the chain of custody from growing and harvesting or wild-crafting to final batch testing.