Our Products

Cepham manufatures high-quality herbal ingredients for the dietary supplement and alternative medicine industry, and high-quality Nutraceutical Chemicals.

Your Brand’s Future Begins with Raw Ingredient Quality

Botanical Extracts

Nature has given us everything we need to live our best lives. At Cepham, we search the globe for the highest quality natural ingredients. Each source has been scrutinized to ensure sustainability and that the final product lives up to the expectations of the consumer. Taking it a step further, our scientists identify key actives to provide standardization and consistent efficacy.

Specialty Products

Science is all around us and our supplements are no exception. At Cepham we acquire the best phyto-chemical sources to create the highest quality supplements for your customers. It is the best of nature and science combined.

Branded Products

When the highest quality natural ingredients are combined in just the right amounts, the result is superior nutritional support. That is why we have created our own unique products that blend the best of what nature and science have to offer.