Manufacturing Capabilities

Cepham Manufacturing CapabilitiesCepham provides comprehensive manufacturing services from novel raw ingredient identity confirmation and unique product blending to final product testing and encapsulating or tableting. We are one of the few international raw ingredient suppliers who are able to support all manufacturing efforts with full laboratory and clinical research, including efficacy and bioavailability studies.

Our four manufacturing and QC facilities cover a total of 207,000 square feet of production floor and laboratory space. Leading-edge equipment is available for a complete range of ingredient production and blending:

  • Total of 9 production blocks
  • Full extraction facilities in three facilities
  • Both tray and fluid bed dryers
  • Sifters and blenders for final processing
  • In-house QC lab at all four facilities

All our facilities are NSF, GMP, and ISO certified.

What are your manufacturing needs?

Cepham is ready to support your goals at any stage in the product development process. In addition to our production facilities, we have a versatile pilot plant in the U.S. (Piscataway, NJ) for small volume R&D runs. This ensures a seamless transition when it’s time to scale up your new product innovations. Let us know where you are at in your process.

  • Full laboratory and clinical research support –Establish efficacy and support claims
  • Novel ingredient sourcing – From highly monitored growers and harvesters
  • Innovative, goal-specific blends
  • Blending, weighing, final product testing, encapsulation/tableting