Novel Delivery Systems

Bead Cutaway

Controlled/Timed-Release Pellets

  • Extended Release Dosage Forms
  • Controlled Release: zero order – constant release
  • Controlled Release: first order – variable release
  • Controlled Release: for raw materials with pH dependent solubility
  • Controlled Release: for sparingly soluble raw materials
  • Multiphasic Release
  • Site-specific Release (i.e. gastric, colonic)

Along with producing both well-known and novel ingredients, Cepham also supplies unique delivery systems. We’ve established a niche in controlled release and timed-release pellets. Our pelletizing technologies make it possible to deliver natural ingredients with optimal uptake and efficacy.

These technologies utilize water or solvent-based fluidized bed coating. Coating types target the final delivery form:


Using these technologies, we have produced timed-release melatonin, caffeine, valerian, yohimbine, BCAA, and multiple vitamins. Our manufacturing team has designed pelleted blends of 1 to 3 actives with varied release.

Let us know your specs. Cepham’s R&D experts will develop a solution that works for you!